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Our Story

Hi! I’m Zach and these two ladies are my lovely wife, Katy, and our adorable baby girl, Charlie.  Just look at those cheeks!  Charlie Cheeks was born in March of 2019 (Katy’s birthday present to me) and since she came into our lives, everyday has been amazing.  Charlie makes me want to be the best dad I can be for her, in so many ways.  One small part of that was that I wanted to learn how to make the best chocolate chip cookie EVER!  So in my free time I became obsessed (Katy’s word, not mine) with learning all about baking cookies and trying different recipes with different tweaks here and there.  With Katy as my taste tester and Charlie as my inspiration, after much trial and error I finally did it, my chocolate chip cookies are the best!  Along the way we also came up with a few other original Chubby Cheeks Cookies and are always working on new and exciting recipes for you all to try. Come on by to visit and try Chubby Cheeks Cookies for yourself, we bet you won’t be able to pick a favorite!

How To Get Our Cookies

We are a small, new business and are currently only doing special events and pickups in East Mesa.  Visit our Instagram to see where we’ll be next!

This is Charlie aka Charlie Cheeks. She is the reason why we started this you see in the updated photo, her cheeks aren't nearly as chubby as they used to be.
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